Penetrant Testing (PT)

ASNT Level III Liquid Penetrant Testing Exam Preparatory Course

Online NDT Studies provides online and offline traditional classroom NDT training.

Online NDT Studies NDT level III employs 3 full time and 4 employees are based on assignment, in house, ASNT Level III’s giving us the ability to schedule training to meet your individual and/or company’s needs.

ASNT Level III Basic Exam Preparatory Course fees are as follows

$350 (includes online training with numerous question banks, simulated model examinations, important study notes with material (full package) and ET formulas and solved problems, also includes simulated model examinations and important study notes and material (i,e full package)

$200 for self-study candidate except online training other above-given facilities are provided by the candidate portal at

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Our ASNT Level III Liquid Penetrant Testing Exam preparatory course is designed to preparatory are you for exam success. Our online program covers in detail the components of Liquid Penetrant Testing.

Highlights of our online ASNT Level III Basic Exam preparatory course

  • Saves your valuable time and money on travel
  • Food and lodging expenses allow you to study at your own place
  • Focus on the areas you know you need most
  • Multiple practice question bank and final mock-up exams will make sure you know what you need to succeed.

Our ASNT Level III Liquid Penetrant Testing Exam preparatory course is interactive and engaging. It is easy to follow and understand format that allows you to study from anywhere you have internet access. Our program is available on mobile devices such as tablets as well.

Our ASNT Level III Liquid Penetrant Testing Exam preparatory course contains:

  • Reading Study materials
  • Online/classroom training
  • LPT Short notes and Definitions
  • LPT Syllabus comply with CP 105
  • Question banks for reference and practices
  • Online reference and quizzes practice
  • Simulated Multiple choice mock-up final exams
  • Sample PT Procedures
  • PowerPoint presentations with important points
  • Videos and flash presentation
  • Reference material if required more

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The following books are required to refresh and complete our online ASNT NDT Level III Liquid Penetrant Testing Exam preparatory course.

  1. Level III Study Guide: Liquid Penetrant Testing (2nd edition)
  2. NDT Handbook, Fourth Edition: Volume 1, Liquid Penetrant Tests
  3. Supplement to Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A (Q&A Book) – Liquid Penetrant Testing Method, Revised Edition

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